Friday, April 18, 2008

Reporting live from the One star state.

Ok you'all can stop crying now. I'm not dead. For the past couple of weeks i have been traveling for work, and it has been a trying moment for the family. This is officialy the longest time i have been without my wife. Even when we first meet we could only go a couple of hours apart. Sadly i am also going to miss about half of my daughter's life. That makes it sound like a really long part.
I do have to saw that Texas isn't as bad as i expected. Besides the Cowboy's (football), Dallas really is a wonderful place. Don't get me started on the Stars (hockey). But besides having the lamest teams in pro sports, I do like it here.
But the whole reason I wanted to write tonight is because I added a playlist for Danique. I know that she misses me, and this just might win me some points. All of these songs mean something special to us. Hopefully there are some new ones for the rest of you to enjoy.
Danique, I love you, I miss you, I'll be home soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I miss Joe!

I am feeling like a single mother right now. My husband is out of town on business, which was only going to be for two weeks, but plans changed. Now he won't be back until May 3rd. He and I are best friends and it has been/will be very difficult to be apart from him. Plus, I need his help with our kids. Kat is now 6 weeks old, and it's hard to manage a three-year old and a newborn by myself 24/7. I have found myself getting mad at the kids a lot easier than normal, and for stupid things, too. Like when Will accidently spills something, or when Kat won't sleep. Luckily, my mom has this week off from work, so I've had her company and help, but I'm worried about the weeks to come. I don't do well with being lonely. I guess I'll just have to find ways to keep me busy. I can clean out my closet, deep clean the bathroom, finish my wedding scrapbook, things that will keep myself occupied. Wish my luck!