Sunday, August 24, 2008

Anniversary, Grandchildren, and Will

Wednesday was our four-year anniversary. We are both very suprised that we haven't killed each other yet. We have been blessed with four years of happiness, and we hope for many more. Joe was in Vegas for business on Wednesday and I wasn't expecting him home until Friday, but he suprised me by walking in the door Thursday afternoon. I was so excited to see him; he has been gone for three weeks. That would have been enough of an anniversary gift, but he also had gorgeous flowers for me. He is so sweet to think of me!!

Also, this week we've had my niece Amy here, which has been a load of fun! She is my parent's oldest grandchild and my baby girl Kat is their youngest. Photo op!! Very cute girls.

Will has done so good with potty training!! I couldn't be prouder!! And I couldn't be happier that I don't have to change diapers anymore!! He's not 100% done yet, but we are so close! Yay for Will!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daddy's Plate

So i have come to the conclusion that every one loves to eat off my plate. No matter what time of day, they all love to eat off my plate. So i came up with an idea to fix this. Bigger and better.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Riding the Potty Train

It's official now. We are potty training. We've had a few half-hearted and failed attempts in the past, but this one if for real! It the past two days, we've only had 2 accidents!! Yay Will!! Since I'm still new at this, does anyone have any advice or amazing tricks? So far, we have a sticker chart. Each successful trip to the bathroom gets a sticker and when the chart is full, he gets a "special treat." Then we'll start again with a new chart. It seems to be working so far, but I still have to remind him to go to the bathroom, he won't tell me when he needs to go, hence the 2 accidents. All in all, things are going well!!! I'm so proud of my little boy!!!